Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's getting hot

We left early this morning to get ahead of the hot weather as much as possible. The dew drops were still hanging on to the grass and it felt nice and cool. Less traffic, as well! Kansas is a wonderful State to let your mind drift. Miles and miles of farmland, flat terrain and beautiful blue skies. It got hot and hotter, something we need to adjust to, but we poured water over ourselves. Later on into the ride Mark handed us icy-cold water when he passed us en route to the next camp-site. It also got greener as the landscape started rolling and we saw rivers and trees, a nice change to the flat plains. No cyclists in Kansas and given that, we need to mention that 99% of the truck drivers are very nice and give us a lot of space when they pass us. The trucks here are huge and we feel very little when they roar past us....,so a big thank you to all the truck drivers.

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