Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

It is reassuring that daily we meet kind strangers. A week ago Gu and I were having trouble finding a road and a kind local cyclist went out his way to show us. Today a 4 mile strech of road was impassable due to construction. To turn back would mean hours lost. They kindly took our bikes and us in a big big truck to where we could safely ride again. Our driver across the abyss told about his grandmother who had brain cancer that had spread throughout her body when he was a boy. When we left them they were all wearing Brains on Bikes bracelets.

Early today we met the nursing staff at Chanute Cancer Clinic. These women do so much good. They are so caring, so smart and so capable. They are the front line medics in the cancer wars. It reminded me of the night before my surgery. The family had left for the night. A very caring nurse(a guy by the way) asked how I was feeling and I just broke down. I was terrified. To my core. Everything had happened so fast I couldn't take it in. He sat with me until I finished sobbing and hugged me. He didn't try to rush me or tell me everything would be fine. He knew better. He listened and because of him I got through that night. If you are reading this thank you so much. Your kindness still means so much to me. Anne

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  1. That's so hard -- what that nurse did. I've been a hospice volunteer, and the hardest thing is to keep your mouth shut and not give advice.
    This website is a treasure.