Thursday, 22 April 2010

Highway 50: The Loneliest Road

We haven't had internet for a few days and before it stops working I should tell you that we have had every kind of weather possible. We have awoke to a deep snowfall, ridden through snow, sleet and even worse hailstones, The winds have been tossing us about(one day this week 50 mph gusts) making the climbs and descents more difficult. But instead of exhausted tonight I feel invigorated, I am getting stronger and better on the bike. Also there are many small moments throughout the day that are spectacular. Decending from Little Antelope Summit the sun light came and warmed us up and showed us a canyon of such awesome beauty - I don't have words. Also another gift today was every break was in sunshine. Lucky us.

Three days ago we met Ashley and Andrew of MS Run the US. She is running across the US to raise awareness about MS. We met the day they were leaving a RV camp but we knew our paths would cross. The next afternoon while Gundy and I were riding through thick snow and harsh winds she was by the side of the road cheering us on. How incredible kind. That night we all had dinner together. She filmed us as we cycled by and once we have it we will upload. This morning we parted ways while Gundy and I were cycling, Ashley was running and Andrew was picking up litter by the side of Highway 50. I am so glad to have the pleasure of meeting them. Lucky me.


  1. Cheers from Cincinnati. And traveling mercies.

  2. The pictures are beautiful on your blog. I'll have to check out facebook also. Wait till you see Southern Utah. Gorgeous and a biker's heaven. Keep pedaling!!